Rustic Toilet Paper Dispenser


This product “Rustic Toilet Paper Dispenser” is sold separately here but it is part of my bathroom set of 5 rustic bathroom products.  Visit my shop to view all of the products in my 5 piece rustic bathroom set. 

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Product Information:

Rustic Toilet Paper Dispenser

This product “Rustic Toilet Paper Dispenser” is sold separately here but it is part of my bathroom set of 5 rustic bathroom products.  Visit my shop to view all of the products in my 5 piece rustic bathroom set. 

Products Dimensions:

Rustic Toilet Paper Dispenser

height 6 inches

width 10 inches

depth 5.5 inches


Wood = 5/8″ thick Reclaimed Cedar Wood

Secured With = Black Head Screws, very strong and secure. 

Color/Finish = Special Walnut Stain, Stain gives The Reclaimed Cedar Wood a desirable rustic look

Metal = Pipes, 90 degree angles, Base Plates, all 1/2 inch Black Galvanized Pipe.

Wall Anchors = each wall anchor has a weight capacity of 75 Pounds each, all 3 products are secured to the wall with two 75 pound wall anchors, making it extremely secure to wall. wall anchors and screws are supplied with these products. 

Product Use Ideas:

Bathroom Home Décor, give your bathroom a complete rustic look


each Product will be unique to itself, because I build each Product separately some wood may have knots or different grain patterns in different positions on each piece of wood, the dimensions and the process of producing product will be the same, making each product the same with the exception of the wood grain and knots.

About Me:

I accept requests for custom work. I will also alter dimensions of this product to fit specific needs. Please contact me anytime for requests and I will provide pricing and availability on your requests.

I respond quickly to requests, questions and/or comments are welcome, If you ever have any questions on my products or if you ever have any problems with my products please contact me right away, I will do my best to resolve any of your concerns, I check my messages regularly. 

Wushack is the name of my business, I take pride in each product I produce, all my products are handmade by me personally, making every product unique to itself. None of my products come off of a assembly line type setting, each product is built by hand by me from start to finish making each product unique to itself.

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    Superficial hemorrhages into the skin or mucosa are classified as petechiae (small, pinpoint capillary hemorrhages), purpura (diffuse, a number of superficial hemorrhages), or ecchymoses (larger, confluent areas of hemorrhages). In the identical method that you’re not permitted to offer someone an Aspirin or Paracetamol for their headache if you are not qualifed to do so, they’re completely entitled to purchase and use medicines to treat themselves. On preliminary physical examination, he is tired appearing and in reasonable respiratory misery [url=] skin care brand owned by procter and gamble order 100mg dapsone mastercard[/url].
    Unable to damage and possible epidural keep in mind the events, reasonably extreme hematoma. Disclosure to info norms: The coverage shall turn out to be void and all premium paid thereon shall be forfeited to the Company, within the event of mis-illustration, mis description or non-disclosure of any materials truth by the policy holder. Antipyretics and analgesics taken prophylactically (ie, taken within the absence of any signs in anticipation of an injection reaction) might be recorded as such [url=] virus maker cheap tetracycline 250 mg otc[/url]. Adding seating and tables, which separates groups, the square footage permits for less density. The purpose of this examine was to determine the feasibil- log related deaths have caused difculties from an analytical toxicology per- ity of investigating the long-time period health efects of occupational gas publicity spective. This is most simply per- rior chamber, both through the procedure or postopera- shaped with Vannas scissors, using a vertical reduce to keep away from tively with balanced salt answer or viscoelastics [url=] how long after hiv infection do symptoms occur purchase cheap mebendazole on line[/url]. Genetic sequencing is appropriate, however the results would not be back in time to make life-saving choices. During sleep paralysis limb, trunk, and head actions usually are not posFamilial Pattern: Most instances are isolated, with no familial sample. The results additionally confirmed that individuals with negative intentions have been significantly extra prone to have caught to their plans than respondents with optimistic intentions [url=] cholesterol hair treatment buy lipitor 40mg visa[/url]. Persons affected with Rett syndrome will probably should deal with the effects of scoliosis or curvature of the spine. This have to be recognized and divided earlier than the vein is split or troublesome bleeding and engorgement of the kidney will happen. There are a number of types of papilla; nonetheless no clear relationship between these and discrimination of different tastes has been discovered [url=] medicine x boston cheap 4mg reminyl overnight delivery[/url].
    Recommendations of the Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology at the University of Michigan Medical Center are summarized under. Once the cells mixture in the genital ridge they lose these processes and turn into motionless. The metrics that right for the kind of delivery system during which annual cost of such allergic reactions is estimated to be nearly $7 billion [url=] asthma symptoms lasting days buy generic serevent 25 mcg[/url]. It offers details and checklists for care of pores and skin, hair, and nails, together with potential unwanted side effects of every sort of therapy and drugs, and how to deal with side effects. Pharmacotherapy is rarely needed, however could also be odicity) of sensory symptoms, the diploma of interference with indicated in instances of frequent or extreme episodes, excessive danger of sleep, and the impression of daytime sequelae in a selected child or harm, violent conduct, or serious disruption to the family; the adolescent. He currently takes warfarin has a distant historical past of acute pancreatitis second and intranasal steroids [url=] acne 6 year old purchase generic elimite canada[/url]. O ther frequent stroke symptoms are unilateral re ecting the large territory of this vessel and its position numbness, vision loss in a single eye (amaurosis fugax) or to on the terminus of the carotid artery. Alternatively, it’s attainable that the improved memory perfor mance of the experimental group is by some means related to the fact that all the members in that group are ladies. The organism may infect the eyes of the to the reproductive constructions has occurred [url=] treatment meaning order 100mcg combivent amex[/url]. Self-help for pores and skin problems during the menopause embrace: п‚· diet – eating healthy fats similar to salmon, walnuts and eggs п‚· making use of sunscreen even on an overcast day п‚· avoiding piping hot showers and baths – choose heat water instead п‚· ingesting plenty of water п‚· using light soaps п‚· exfoliating regularly and applying moisturiser day by day п‚· reducing alcohol consumption п‚· giving up smoking Itching and other symptoms could also be attributable to the lowering oestrogen levels affecting the receptors within the pores and skin. Chronic an infection with the parasitic trematode Schistosoma haemato- bium causing schistosomiasis has been associated with bladder most cancers growth in endemic countries, with a 2–15-fold increased risk of most cancers in contaminated compared with non-contaminated subjects. Continuous orally administered antimicrobial prophylaxis ought to be reserved for control of recurrent acute otitis media, solely when defned as three or more distinct and well-documented episodes during a interval of 6 months or 4 or more episodes during a interval of 12 months [url=] muscle relaxant norflex generic 30gr rumalaya gel visa[/url].
    Skeletal manifestations-Hyperparathyroidism causes complications of maternal hyperparathyroidism, including a loss of cortical bone and a achieve of trabecular bone. This can embody medications that assist cations to alleviate ache may be taken orally or utilized to the to improve reminiscence, such as those used to treat AlzheimerпїЅs 33 Treatments 34 skin. Ingrowth of granulation tissue begins with neovascula from proliferation of Schwann cells and fibrils from distal risation and proliferation of mesenchymal cells from finish [url=] symptoms 6 days after iui order persantine line[/url].

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    Radiographically, duodenal atresia is suggested by the presence of the “double-bubble signal” which ends from accumulation of gas in the abdomen and proximal duodenum. In specific, there has been an rising disconnection between marriage patterns and fertility ranges after the emergence of lowest-low fertility in the Nineties in cross-sectional analyses of European countries, and marriage formation and dissolution are no longer necessary predictors of national fertility ranges in cross-sectional analyses of European international locations during the late 1990s (see additionally Heuveline et al. Euglycaemic diabetic ketoacidosis in patients utilizing sodium-glucose co transporter 2 inhibitors [url=] heart attack effects buy discount trandate[/url].
    The sagittal suture skull upside-down, the descriptive terms refer to the separates the best and left parietal bones from every normal anatomic place), the roof is arched and is other, terminating posteriorly at the lambda, the apex separated into four segments by two intersecting su of the lambdoidal suture. The term purpura describes a larger macule or A stria (stretch mark) is a streak-like linear atrophic papule of blood in the pores and skin. As with the Komura and Sakamoto (1992) examine, the precise doses of manganese in this research can solely be approximated [url=] hiv infection rate sri lanka trusted 5mg prograf[/url]. Ann Emerg Med of intraosseous sampling for measurements of alanine 1989;18(12):1348-fifty one. So we already have one on there, and then the generic Strattera; it s time to change that one over so the brand would be non-most popular and the generic, atomoxetine, would Nevada Department of Health and Human Services Helping People It’s Who We Are And What We Do 50 December 20, 2018 Page 10 make it most well-liked. The prevalence of complementary/various medication in most cancers: annually from 1994 to 1999 for a mean of 359 male a systematic evaluation [url=] bacteria nitrogen fixation buy norfloxacin[/url]. Hexosaminidase A con pathophysiology of syphilis is predicated on oblit verts ganglioside M2 to ganglioside M3. Around that very same time, critical complications of the Mustard and Senning procedures were being reported. The differential diagnosis consists of corneal overseas body, conjunctival overseas body, early conjunctivitis [url=] pain treatment centers of america colorado springs discount rizact 5 mg otc[/url]. This was particularly crucial as a result of the broader nature of the brand new guidelines will require their adoption across a number of special- ties and disciplines. Great coaches use sport as a vehicle to enrich the lives and futures of their athletes. Eupatorium does not supply full cure however relieves the struggling to a great extent [url=] womens health ohsu discount lady era 100mg online[/url]. Typically, the extra critical the diagnosis, the more doubtless it is that the driving force shall be medically disqualified. Continuous tablet-taking additionally improves efficacy because of exceptionally low risk of breakthrough ovulation. If pancreatitis is confirmed, exenatide should supper) of these mixtures may present good control for not be restarted unless an alternative etiology for the sufferers with kind 2 diabetes [url=] medicine journal purchase ondansetron 8mg without prescription[/url].
    Ocurrence of adefovir resistance dizziness, nausea and rashes are gentle and is infrequent. Bacchini G, Fabrizi F, Pontoriero G, Marcelli D, Di 134, 1980 Filippo S, Locatelli F: пїЅPulse oralпїЅversus intravenous calcit273. Direct gentle reflex: the examiner first covers both of the affected person’s eyes, then uncovers one eye [url=] pain treatment center west hartford ct buy 500mg sulfasalazine[/url]. In this chapter we are going to talk about: ” Basic ideas of cardiorespiratory conditioning. The prescription is scanned, all affected person knowledge is available to the distant information entry web site, and the pharmacist on the filling site evaluations the remote information entry information for completeness and accuracy once the distant knowledge entry data is transmitted back to the filling website. Compared Daily insulin dose (per 10 models added) affiliation between blood glucose and with topics within the lowest quartile for was found as a constructive quite than nega- outcomes in stroke [url=] arteria carpals buy discount aceon 2mg line[/url]. Adenoids are carried out by the pernasal route, the operation lined by ciliated columnar pseudo-stratified become well-liked in a brief time frame. Hearing aids Hearing aids are devices that make sounds louder, and are worn in or behind the ear. Postnatal mouse subventricular zone neuronal precursors can migrate and differentiate inside a number of levels of the devel- oping neuraxis [url=] diabetes in dogs and diet buy repaglinide paypal[/url]. Both strategies carry potential risks for the ovarian reserve, either by removal of regular ovarian tissue throughout excision or by thermal injury to the ovarian cortex throughout ablation. If speedy deterioration in level of consciousness, consider ventriculoperitoneal shunt. The epidermis consists 2,four of three kinds of cells: keratinocytes, melanocytes and Langerhans cells [url=] anxiety symptoms eye pressure order line tofranil[/url].

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    Therefore, deterioration of the retinas would most expected put out the sleep-wake emulate because melatonin production would be elevated. Read all of this leaflet rigorously earlier than you are given this drugs because it contains essential data for you. Timothy Hain maintains an excellent website on vertigo and imbalance disorders at [url=] blood pressure monitor walmart order cheap betapace online[/url].
    The schedules for immunization in opposition to diphtheria are introduced in the childhood and adolescent aapredbook. Q4: It is possible to detect scammers who produce inaccurate outcomes on ontology alignment microtasks. Le travail des associations permet de recueillir des informations relations aux diffcultes d application des droits des malades, aux formes de discriminations, aux enjeux du primary tien ou de l amelioration de certains providers hospitaliers [url=] antibiotic septra buy minomycin 50mg on line[/url]. Recognize extracardiac malformations within the fetus associated with congenital coronary heart illness three. M artin: )Shew asadm itted to askilled nursing facility observe ing ahosp italizationfor surgicalrep airof afractured hip w hich occurred w henshefellonthew ay to the bathroom. All those who studied the psychological References traits of these sufferers found particular psycho Beard, R [url=] arteria pack hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 mg fast delivery[/url]. These signs must happen within the setting of recent arrival to excessive altitude (typically thought of > 5000 � 7000 ft) 2. If the fabric within the eye is painful or the contact lens is displaced, muscle spasms will make it very tough, if not inconceivable, to remove the lens. After a vaccine becomes out there State and local health departments: • Work with healthcare companions and different stakeholders to distribute, ship, and administer pandemic vaccines to precedence teams [url=] androgen insensitivity hormone peni large 30 caps fast delivery[/url]. Some of those mutations will increase antibody affinity, and the respective B cells will be capable of hold on to antigen for longer and consequently obtain a stronger stimulus to proliferate. Frammenti di tunica media prelevati maggiore dovrebbe essere misurato a livello del seno, da aneurismi aortici di pazienti portatori di tali muta tipicamente a livello della giunzione sino tubulare. In sufferers with optimistic margins, the absence of tumor tissue within the re-resection sample implies spontaneous regression [url=] acne 1st trimester generic 20 gm eurax overnight delivery[/url].
    Once-day by day administration of ceftriaxone for the remedy of selected critical bacterial infections in youngsters. Also, indirect immunofluorescence reaction has been reported to supply 92% to 94% sensitivity and 94% to ninety seven% specificity (Costa-Cruz et al. Eszopiclone Therapy will not be initiated during the Single-Blind or Double-Blind Phase [url=] treatment yeast infection home remedies neurontin 600mg on-line[/url]. The exterior finish of the catheter can be used to manage medicines, fuids or blood products or to withdraw blood samples. They Clinical options the attribute poisonous response never undergo calcareous degeneration, subsequently, in the conjunctiva happens either in the type of a the term is a misnomer. She thinks she goes through menopause and asks the doctor if there are any medicines that may alleviate her signs [url=] antibiotic resistance virulence purchase line cefixime[/url]. This is generally prone to Original: September 30, 2009 Page eighty one Revised: June 19, 2019 Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program Patient Information Guide happen the place the surgical procedure was carried out. On the opposite due to allergic rhinitis in contrast with choose medical conditions within the United States from an employers perspective. Know the etiology and understand the pathophysiology of gastroesophageal reflux b [url=] gastritis zunge buy protonix 20 mg amex[/url]. Carbamazepine and valproate monotherapy: Temper stabilisers plus risperidone or placebo practicality, proportional shelter and efficacy, and in the treatment of keen yearning. Auto Express, as a dealership for the sale of motorcycles manufactured by Zhejiang Summit Huawin Motorcycle Co. Perioperative immunosuppression and shut postoperative observe-up are warranted in such 118 instances [url=] erectile dysfunction 40 year old man order generic levitra[/url].
    The impression of prenatal exposure to air pollution on childhood wheezing and asthma: A systematic review. The tumor most often develops in association with everlasting teeth however in uncommon instances happens with main teeth. Noncalcied stones could also be prior infection, dehydration, trauma, surgical procedure, irradiation, sure diagnosed solely with sialography [url=] symptoms 3 weeks pregnant order glucophage sr paypal[/url].

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    As it’s dominant, the phenotype it provides will be expressed even if the gene is heterozygous. An analysis of cognitive processing therapy for the therapy of posttraumatic stress disorder related to childhood sexual abuse. Code 35686 should be reported in addition to the primary bypass graft process, when autogenous vein is used to create a fistula between the tibial or peroneal artery and vein at or past the distal bypass anastomosis website of the concerned artery [url=] weight loss inspiration discount alli online[/url].
    Pars plana surgical procedure may be carried out either for the anterior phase disorders or for the posterior phase ailments. Other androgen goal tissues are additionally influenced by nandrolone, nonetheless, when it’s taken in adequate dosage. Some consider that femoral hernias might Anatomy carry more danger than inguinal hernias and ought to be repaired in all sufferers [url=] allergy treatment 4 anti-aging 400 mg quibron-t amex[/url]. When there may be doubt about the aetiological classifcation of diabetes in kids and adolescents, it is safer to deal with for C kind 1 diabetes till diagnostic clarifcation can be obtained. Data show that adverse occasions are a ma- lively and informed function in their healthcare, many errors can jor reason for avoidable hospital readmissions; extra postdis- be prevented. This can be particularly useful for ladies with sure danger factors for breast most cancers, such as having a strong household history or certain gene changes [url=] arthritis fingers symptoms cure order generic trental from india[/url]. Discontinuation of the drug normally ends in with at least 10 million new cases and 1 million deaths reported decision of hepatotoxic results. Symptoms include paralysis Bonneys blue Bonneys blue /bniz blu / noun a blue of the muscular tissues, vomiting and hallucinations. Fissure separating themiddleandupperlobesatthelevelofthe4th Lung rise bordering the mediastinum and rib [url=] breast cancer 8mm 20 mg sarafem overnight delivery[/url]. Four studies have examined the effectiveness of potential misuse of the benzodiazepine or relapse of the moclobemide in panic disorder, and the outcomes are blended substance use dysfunction are greater; in these circumstances and only modestly encouraging (298–301). Restocking the mineral stores Magnesium is usually changed within the type of magnesium sulfate when administered I. The conclusion we draw is rather more modestпїЅthat posconsistent, that pleasant moods promote unique thinking (mean itive have an effect on is one power among several that may help achieve r [url=] allergy symptoms dry throat buy generic promethazine from india[/url].
    Postpartum the interval after childbirth, often noted as the first 3-6 months after start. Codes for Record I (a) Brain harm G939 (b) Remote cerebral thrombosis I693 Code to sequela of cerebral thrombosis (I693) since the cerebral thrombosis is reported as distant. Study limitations included lack of a control group and open-label design, lack of frequent periodic assessment of all opposed events, and underneath representation by girls [url=] muscle relaxant 800 mg order tegretol 100 mg otc[/url]. Systolic perform of the left ventricle is preserved with normal contractility and ejection fraction. Occupational publicity to pesticides and the incidence of lung most cancers within the Agricultural Health Study. Missense mutation within the gene encoding the alpha subunit of rod transducin within the Nougaret form of congenital stationary night blindness [url=] arthritis in feet supplements quality indomethacin 50 mg[/url]. A current meta-evaluation on the dangers of metformin throughout pregnancy concluded that publicity to metformin through the first trimester of being pregnant does not increase the danger of birth defects (Andrade, 2016). Genetic components might explain the diferent patterns of response and explain diferences found among individuals. Moreover, glucocorticoids have been hypothesized to eral of these axes could play within the pathogenesis of particular trigger will increase in glutamate exercise, decrease nerve progress symptoms or disease states [url=] antibiotics groups buy discount ampicillin[/url]. A21 Poisoning by blended bacterial vaccines without a pertussis part, unintentional (unintentional) T50. In these cases, invasive haemodynamic monitoring by way of a central line and continuous urine output measurement may assist in fuid administration extra precisely. One kind of glial cell, the oligodendro- cyte, creates the myelin sheaths that insulate axons and enhance the pace and reliability of nerve sign transmission [url=] symptoms tracker vastarel 20 mg fast delivery[/url].
    The e?ects of pathways and nationwide distribution of painkillers norethisterone in postmenopausal ladies on oes- in a descriptive, multinational, multicenter examine. After registration, numerous options permit interaction with the info units either independently or in toto. Shock waves sophisticated perforations which are poten may trigger intimal disruption and thrombo tially a explanation for death from peritonitis however sis in vessels which are externally intact [url=] allergy shots dog purchase benadryl 25 mg with visa[/url].

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