Octagon Framed Wall Shelf


Makes a great decorative piece for any wall, 5 small shelves within the 6 sided octagon to display small figurines, the octagon style shape of product looks beautiful on any wall when grouped in pairs of 2, quantity discounts available when ordering.

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Makes a great decorative piece for any wall, 5 small shelves within the 6 sided octagon to display small figurines, the octagon style shape of product looks beautiful on any wall when grouped in pairs of 2, quantity discounts available when ordering.


height 24 inches

width 28 inches

depth 3 inches

built with 5/8 inch cedar wood

secured with evenly patterned screws making them very strong and secure

Finished with customers choice of 34 different color options

metal hanging bracket to secure to wall

framed around outside edge with 5/8 in cedar giving the shelf depth

1/8 inch plywood on back making it very sturdy

100% wood and handmade. And Wushack creation


each Product will be unique to itself, because I build each Product separately some wood may have knots or different grain patterns in different positions on each piece of wood, the dimensions and the process of producing product will be the same, making each product the same with the exception of the wood grain and knots.

all of my products are built to last, they are very strong and will last a lifetime. My products are guaranteed.

About Me:

I accept requests for custom work. I will also alter dimensions of this product to fit specific needs. Please contact me anytime for requests and I will provide pricing and availability on your requests.

I respond quickly to requests, questions and/or comments are welcome, If you ever have any questions on my products or if you ever have any problems with my products please contact me right away, I will do my best to resolve any of your concerns, I check my messages regularly. 

Wushack is the name of my business, I take pride in each product I produce, all my products are handmade by me personally, making every product unique to itself. None of my products come off of a assembly line type setting, each product is built by hand by me from start to finish making each product unique to itself.

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    July 22, 2021

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