3 Tier Extra Wide Cascade Ladder Shelf


Perfect for Plants, pictures, figurines and Christmas displays or any other kinds of displays, the frame folds together and the shelves are removable for very easy storage if your planning to use for special occasions only. customers can choose from 34 different color options.

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Please choose your frame style. Regular Frame is 5/8 inches x 2 3/4 inches. Thicker Frame is approximately 2 1/2 inches x 2 3/4 inches

if you would like polyurethane applied to your shelf for outdoor use check this box. leave unchecked for no polyurethane.

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Perfect for Plants, pictures, figurines and Christmas displays or any other kinds of displays, the frame folds together and the shelves are removable for very easy storage if your planning to use for special occasions only. customers can choose from 34 different color options.

3 Tier Extra Wide Cascade Ladder Shelf

Products Dimensions:

height 53.5 inches

width 48 inches

total depth 16 inches with 11 Depth shelves


Note On Colors: you can mix and match Colors, For instance, you could do the frame in a dark walnut and do the shelves in a different color and/or just plain wood, You can mix and match colors as you wish, if you mix and match simply select the color stain you want then send me specific message how you would like to mix and match your colors, The Ebony Stain requires a clear coat to help it dry, that is why it is more expensive, if Ebony stain is one of your colors please choose ebony when ordering, then a message how to apply your color choices.

The frame is designed for maximum exposure of the items you are trying to display, the frame is made from approximate sizes, 5/8 inch by 2 3/4 inch cedar wood, Ladder shelves by design has a little sway side to side to them, that is natural to the design but has no effect on the weight it will hold or the sturdiness of the shelf. I am starting to offer a thicker wood frame option for those people who want to eliminate the natural sway side to side of a ladder shelf, both frames will hold the same amount of weight, the thicker frame will be approximately 1 1/4 x 2 1/4 thick in size. for me personally I like the original design with the thinner frame, more exposure for what your displaying and fits the look of the cascade ladder shelf, the thicker frame is bulkier but will eliminate the natural sway side to side in a ladder shelf. I wanted to offer this option to customers who prefer the thicker frame. 

Wood = 5/8″ thick Rough cut Cedar Wood, sanded smooth

Secured With = Black Head Screws, very strong and secure. 

Color/Finish = Customer chooses color of Stain from 34 Color Options, I have discontinued offering the ebony stain due to drying problems, I have tried many different colors of black and for some reason this color likes to sit on top of wood and not dry good, it leaves a dust of black that will rub off on your hands, it will dry eventually but the time required to dry is different climate to climate, I quit offering it due to this problem however if customers want the black stain I will still do their shelves with it, but I cannot guarantee it will not leave a residue on your hands when you receive it.


There are 3 shelves

top to bottom shelf sizes

Top Shelf = 24 inches wide

2nd Shelf = 36 inches wide

3rd Shelf = 48 inches wide

Total Shelf Depth from outside edge to inside edge is 11 inches in depth

Shelf stands 53.5 inches tall

Shelf is 48 inches wide

Shelf sample photos are plain wood, no stain has been applied to it yet, customers can choose from 23 different stain color options for their shelf order, customers can also request other stain colors and/or paint that is not listed in my color list, for custom colors I will need to charge extra to cover extra costs, contact me with your custom colors request and I will estimate the extra costs for you.

CUSTOM SIZES: This is a large shelf, customers can request specific sizes for this product that better fits in the area of their houses they want to display it in. Contact me with the dimensions you require and I will estimate your requests.


each Product will be unique to itself, because I build each Product separately some wood may have knots or different grain patterns in different positions on each piece of wood, the dimensions and the process of producing product will be the same, making each product the same with the exception of the wood grain and knots.

About Me:

I accept requests for custom work. I will also alter dimensions of this product to fit specific needs. Please contact me anytime for requests and I will provide pricing and availability on your requests.

I respond quickly to requests, questions and/or comments are welcome, If you ever have any questions on my products or if you ever have any problems with my products please contact me right away, I will do my best to resolve any of your concerns, I check my messages regularly. 

Wushack is the name of my business, I take pride in each product I produce, all my products are handmade by me personally, making every product unique to itself. None of my products come off of a assembly line type setting, each product is built by hand by me from start to finish making each product unique to itself.

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