Chat Rooms

Wushack's support area:

we try to monitor our live support forum 24/7. Ask questions about the functions of our members area, we are always interested to hear from members on how we can improve our members area, we welcome all suggestions and/or criticisms. We are building our forums up with question and answers to better assist members, in our forums you may find the answers you seek, as members ask questions we try to add them to our support forums to help other members with quick answers. Although we try to monitor this live support chat area 24/7 there may be times no one is home, in this case please leave your comments and/or contact us through our mail services, you can email any moderator or staff members anytime, we will respond within 24 hours of your request.

Public and/or Private Video Chat Rooms:

This area is where we opened our live support area, here members can create their own rooms specific to what they want to talk about, members have the option to make their rooms public or private, private rooms are password protected, only visitors that have the password can enter and see what is being talked about in private rooms, the administrator has complete control over has access to their private room, giving only the password to members they want to access the content. Above the list of rooms is a link that says "New Room" click on that and create your permanent video chat room, your room will remain in our list of rooms.

Flirting Chat Room:

This room with time will become a busy place, it is kind of like roulette, depending on who is in the room you choose man or woman you want to chat with and you are randomly connected to another member of your gender choice, completly random, you never know who you will be connected to. Is a great way to meet knew people and make new friends. We offer allot of tools for our members to utilize but it is always upto the members to use them. Invite all your friends and family to join us on wushack.


Everyone loves Karaoke, broad cast your next Karaoke Party live, make sure your camera is turned on in your devise.

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