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April 2019 Cash Contest

1st prize = $50.00 Cash sent Via Western Union anywhere in the world, I pay for all the fees, you receive the whole $50.00 cash!

2nd Prize = 50 WuBucks

3rd Prize = 40 WuBucks 

4th Prize = 30 WuBucks

5th Prize = VIP Membership

Lets get ready to get it on

Let's make this contest successful and I promise there will be bigger prizes in the future!


Rules! no sharing or giving points to another member during contests, the winner of contest must accumulate his/her own points, members who receive points from another member to increase their points to win contests will be disqualified from winning any prizes.

Starts in 5 days
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Males are allowed to enter
Females are allowed to enter
Couples are allowed to enter
Members between Ages 18 and 125 are allowed to enter
All membership levels are allowed to enter
Members from all countries are allowed to enter
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