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Wushack has been 100% focused on promoting the site in the Philippines, Today that focus will change for awhile, starting today a new promotional campaign begins focusing 100% on the U.S.A. to attract new members from the United States. My whole reason for creating Wushack was to connect people from the Philippines and the United States. A great place to Meet Real People. Not only to meet thru txt message but a full array of video chat tools both private and public, place to share photos, videos and music, a fun site where members compete for money and prizes by collecting points, a social site with a twist to make it fun, Wushack offers everything that Facebook offers to members MINUS all the political correct B.S. and of course all the advertising and collecting of your personal information, Wushack has no advertising! Wushack has no political views! Wushack doesn't collect and share your personal information like Facebook and other social sites do! Wushack has all the best social tools but our website is also a game website which sets it aside from other social sites, I am creating a fun place to connect Filipinos and Americans in an environment where adult rules apply. I want to thank everyone who has continued to support Wushack as I continue to build up the membership. Wushack is a brand new social website, in a very short time we have over 700 members and growing daily, I work hard to keep spammers off our website, I want our members to meet real people, not a pretender trying to get you to email them at their private email accounts, 100% of the time they are not who and what they are selling, report these people to me so I can keep them off our website. Best way to know someone is who they say they are is to call them on Wushacks many video chat features, every members profile has a private video chat channel, video phone etc., another way is to get verified and let members know you are who you say you are. 


I am long winded tonight, feeling optimistic about Wushack that it will be a big hit, maybe not today but one day soon if we keep trying.


thanx again for supporting Wushack and make sure to participate in our contests

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Report Spammers!
Wushack Actively Policies Our Members Area For Spammers!
Wushack is a place to Meet Real People!
Not fake & Phoney Pretenders to be someone they are not!