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The first official Real Cash Contest has begun. This first contest will last 45 days or so, we are watching closely the progress of members who enter and participate in this first real cash contest. If members participate and turnout for these kinds of contests, we are going to make this real cash contest a monthly event. Holding 12 contests a year awarding cash gifts as prizes, depending on participation will determine the amount of the cash gift for the winner/s. We are hopeful that the participation will grow as we get thru this first contest and will allow us to award first, second and third place cash awards, depending on participation awards could reach as high as $150.00 first place, $75.00 second place and $25.00 third place and along with the cash gift prizes winners will also be rewarded with VIP Memberships for so long and Wu-Bucks to spend in our gift shops. The potential is up to you members, we are hopeful members will get excited about our contests and join in and participate, the best way other than joining the various contests is to tell family and friends about WuShack, the more members we have, the more ability we have to make WuShack bigger and better. 

It is all about the members, members will choose if contests grow and prizes get bigger or it will fail from lack of participation.


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