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New Members Please Read?

WuShack can be overwhelming to new members! We offer so much that a 5 minute visit will not even begin to cover all the tools we offer to members and all the communicating tools are the best on the internet today.

WuShack is a combination of Dating Site, Social Site & Game Site. The objective is to accumulate Points, you receive Points for just about everything you do on WuShack, rating profiles, leaving comments, voting etc., please visit the Points link and under activities you can learn what activities gives you Points and how many, under achievements link you also earn Points by completing tasks.

Points is what everything is based on, more Points higher rank, WuShack has contests where the person who earns the most Points from beginning to end of Contests receives $$$ REAL MONEY, we western Union cash money anywhere in the world to the Winners, we have other contests as well, Please visit the CONTEST LINK in main menu to learn & enter all of the current running Contests, members can join all contests for FREE and participate in as many contests as we have running at same time.

WuShack is just loaded with so much and it is worth the time to explore and learn all about WuShack and what it offers. Like all sites just loaded with things to do it just takes time to get used to all the functions here. I will say this, WuShack is Facebook on steroids, we offer everything Facebook has and about 10 times more services that members find very useful.

every profile has a video phone and a private video chat room, ability to create groups, share news, photos, videos, music and much much more, messenger service just like Facebook, but ours offer video, text and voice just like your family and friends are in the room with you, ITS ALL FREE! I am working on the forum area breaking down all the tools & functions on WuShack, but the best way to learn WuShack is to not be afraid to explore, send other members drinks, greetings, flirts, gifts, again the tools are endless



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