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running a new $50.00 cash contest that is going to start on April 1, 2019, members can begin joining for free after contest begins, contest will run until midnight on the last day of April, the winner will receive their cash prize within 24 hours after contest ends.

points are turned on during contest for referring new members, for every new referral you send to Wushack using your unique referral id that you can find on your account page and they join our social site you will earn 5000 points plus 25 WuBucks, if that same member upgrades their membership to VIP you will receive an additional 5000 points, referring new members a quick way to add up points.

members cannot share points with other members during this contest to boost their points, if members receive points from another member during contest it is up to the member to notify admin right away so those points are deducted from your total that is applied to your contest points, failure to notify admin will disqualify you from the contest, we will check. the winners must earn all points on their own during this contest. Now we do have contests where their is no rules, but this contest will have this rule.

wish everyone good luck and I hope everyone will find a home at wushsack, a good alternative to facebook that has been up to no good these days selling peoples private information, we will never do that, what happens on wushack stays on wushack!

good luck everyone, I am not a big corporation with hundreds of employees running this site, its me and that's about it, I hope you all will reach out and become friends with other members, I welcome all to contact me, we all are here to make new friends, I am no different.

regards from me

Kevin L. McConaha

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