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The secret to gain a lot of points


Members can share photos, videos and music to gain points, Points are used to compete in our real money contests, they also raise your rank on Wushack as you accumulate points, points are gained by members by simply interacting with other members, rate profiles, photos, videos and music every time you rate anything on Wushack you gain points, sharing photos, videos, music and news will also give you points, commenting on photos, videos, music and news also give you points, everytime you send a friend request you receive points, accepting other friend requests gives you points, everything you do on Wushack gives members points, many ask how to gain more points, I hope this helps new members to understand better how to play the game on Wushack.


The real secret to gain allot of points is to share a lot of photos, videos, music and news, make a lot of new friends, visit other members profiles and rate their profiles under their profile photo, leaving comments on profiles, photos, videos and news etc., will gain you a lot of points. sending gifts gains you a lot of points, send friend requests to allot of members and gain a lot of points, even accepting new friend requests gives you points, refer new members to Wushack gives you a lot of points and also Wubucks, Wubucks id Wushacks version of real money to be used to purchase a VIP Membership and to send other members gifts from the Wushack Gift store, sending gifts is also a great way to WU other members and get their attention? visit Wushack everyday that gives you points, I hope this helps the many members who have been asking how the winners of the contests currently are gaining so many points, Lets have fun and make our contests a great success by every member participating, as members begin to be more active and more members join our real money contests, the amount of the cash prizes are unlimited and also the number of cash contests, currently the 3 top winners are receiving cash prizes, that can be extended to 5 cash winners as participation increases, help us at Wushack make our Real Money Contests a great success, we all will be winners with your help.

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