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May 2019 Cash Contest 5 Cash Prizes

$150.00 Up For Grabs! Top 5 Winners Get Cash Payouts!!!

all winners will receive the Full Cash Value, I pay for all fees to get the money to the 5 top winners. I send winners their money thru Western Union anywhere in the world and I pay for all the transfer fees. If you win the $50.00 Cash that is what you will be picking up at a Western Union near you, and that also applies to all the other cash prizes. Upon completion of this contest all winners will be notified by me personally thru the messagesystem here on Wushack. I will ask you for your name as it appears on your legal identification and also the country you live in, Western Union is strict when you pickup your money, your name on your identification must match exactly to the name that you give to me, so be precise. I do not share your real name on Wushack or anywhere else with the exception of Western Union, I keep your identity private and refer to all winners of Wushack Contests by the profile name they choose when they joined Wushack. Wushack may use your profile name and profile photo in promoting Wushack to new members, if you do not want us to use your photo and/or profile name for promoting Wushack just tell me when you claim your prize and I will not use you in any promotion of Wushack.

P.S. I know my spelling and grammar skills suc!!! so excuse my terrible spelling and grammar! I never claimed to be a genius and I certainly am not when it comes to grammar and spelling, but I will say I am very good at counting money!

spread the word to family and friends, invite them to join us on Wushack, Wushack will continue to keep things simple and honest! I didn't start Wushack to become a Facebook or Twitter, I started Wushack for members to meet other "Real People", maybe make a Luv Connection, that would be great, whatever you looking for I hope you will interact with other members and at least make some great new friends! Meeting new friends is what I like and why I started Wushack, if I can make a few new friends I will consider Wushack a success, I spend my own money to bring you all here, spending the little bit of profits to keep Wushack online for members to enjoy, and when there is a few extra bucks? Well I have contests and give it back to loyal members, I hope the money members win in my contests buys them something special and puts a smile on their face.




1st Place $50.00 Cash Money & VIP Membership

2nd Place: $40.00 Cash Money & VIP Membership



3rd Place: $30.00 Cash Money & VIP Membership



4th Place: $20.00 Cash Money & VIP Membership



5th Place: $10.00 Cash Money & VIP Membership




 6th Place: VIP Membership


Starts in 13 days
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