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we are giving members 25 Wubucks for every new member you refer to Wushack. Wubucks are used to buy gifts for other members in our gift shop, send pokes to other members, purchase VIP membership, Wubucks is real money on Wushack used to purchase things, Wubucks are different than points, Points are used as away to gain rank, win contests etc., Wubucks is real money inside our members area. 

Never a better time to invite all your family and friends to join us on Wushack, collect and save your wubucks to purchase gifts or a VIP Membership to that special somebody you meet on Wushack, members can gift Wubucks to other members, you can purchase VIP memberships for other members, take advantage of this offer, it will end after this weekend and go back to our normal 5 wubucks per referral.

you can visit our banner farm under the referral link in main menu, your unique referral url is already added to our easy copy and paste banners, you can also find your unique referral url in your account page. 

Visit Banner Farm Here where your unique referral url is already added into our easy copy and paste banners

looking forward to a successful weekend bringing new members to our website. 

check out our refrral banners copy and paste them to your other social sites and earn 25 WuBucks for every new member who joins us on Wushack



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