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We currently have a Real Money Contest running, this contest will end March 31, 2018, all members can enter this contest, there are currently 3 contests active on WuShack, $50.00 Real Money Contest, Point Contest which will end February 28th and also our Weekend Contest that ends 12 o'clock midnight sunday night, this weekend contest is awarding WuShacks most prominent gift our "Pink WuPony" valued at 200 WuBucks.

Members can enter all running contests, all points that members earn during a contest beginning and end period, all the points goes toward each contest the member is entered into. In other words? if a member earns 500 points, and is entered into contest A, B and C, the members points will go toward all contests, Contest A = 500 Points, Contest B = 500 Points, Contest C = 50 Points, so members should take a few minutes and enter all available contests.

The Good News? March 1, 2018 another Contest will begin, another $50.00 Real Money Contest, the contest will begin March 1 and end March 31, 2018. On April 1, 2018 WuShack will be Western Union $100.00 total to the winners of the 2 Real Money Contests. At the beginning of every month a new Real Money Contest will begin and ending the last day of that month, WuShack is making our Real Money Contest an monthly event to make WuShack more interesting and fun for our members. It is important to state that WuShack is not a gambling website, We are sending a "GIFT OF $50.00" to the winners of our contests that involves cash. We will Western Union to the Members who win our Real Money Contests anywhere in the world.

This is just the beginning, as our members area grows, and interaction with other members and our website grows, the prizes and the amounts of the cash gifts will also grow, it is upto members to decide how successful and useful WuShack is to them, help us grow our community by inviting family and friends.

If you have not explored WuShack we encourage you to do so, our communication tools are the best technology available, each member has a private video chat room right on their profile, every members profile page is also equipped with their own private phone, the phone and video chat link to each member is located in their action links, these links only appear if the owner of that profile is online, this feature is perfect for members with family and friends around the world, you can stay in touch with family and friends anywhere in the world at anytime, all WuShacks tools are free to all members to use, we have a Karaoke room where members can take their best karaoke performances and share them with other members, we also have the Flirting Room which is a video Chat Room where you pick what you looking for and our Chat Room will hook you up with a stranger who is also in the room, it is a random chat room, we have the regular chat where members can setup their own rooms making them private or public, so many tools with so many options.

Members can share and create photo albums, video albums, music albums, share files, WuShack has all the best Technology on the web today, there is so much we offer that it can be confusing to new members, it takes time to learn all that WuShack has and offers, the best way to meet someone new and make an impression is to visit our gift shops and send them a WuShack gift, we have a regular gift shop where gifts cost 2 WuBucks And up, or for the people serious about making a real impression? Visit our Premium Shop, other members will quickly get the message your serious about getting to know them. 

There are lots of fun things on WuShack, we have supplied you with all the best tools, it is up to members to create a fun place that all members can enjoy and have fun.

thank you for supporting WuShack

WuShack Staff

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