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Connecting Philippines And The U.S.A.

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Create your personalized band page, share your music and introduce your band to our members, we offer every tool you will ever need to create an awesome page to introduce yourself and band members to our Wushack Members. simply signup for your free account above then once inside visit the bands link and start building your online presence with our members.

 Hello my name is Kevin McConaha

A Little Older Now!

administrator of Wushack

Like you I enjoy meeting new people so I started this website to connect people together from around the world with my focus mainly being on the Philippines my second home and U.S.A. my first home, I have homes in both Countries. I started Wushack to connect Filipinos to Americans, I welcome new members though from every Countries.

Welcome To Wushack

Interactive Adult Social Site

Private Video Chat on everyone's profile messenger, phone, private messages, mail and more share photos, videos, music and more, so much more it's to much to list! oh yea? connect your Facebook account with your Wushack Account, post here on your profiles and talk to friends on Facebook. 15 other social sites can also be connected to your Wushack Profile!


 Just An Adult Community Where Members Has Many Tools To Create An Interactive Fun Place To Meet Real People!

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