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Over 700 friendly Filipinos currently waiting to meet you, why does our website have all Filipino Members? Because that is where we have been promoting our website, we are now promoting in both countries, the Philippines and America with most of our promotion on America now, 

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Bands are welcome to join and create your personalized band page, share your music and introduce your band to our members, we offer every tool you will ever need to create an awesome page to introduce yourself and band members to our Wushack Members. simply signup for your free account above then once inside visit the bands link and start building your online presence with our members.

Here are the list of prizes for the August Real Money Contest.  here is the DEAL? Wushack will award the 5 cash prizes below IF 20 members join the contest. IF less than 20 members join the Contest Wushack will only award 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place winners. SO!!! SPREAD THE WORD TO OTHER …
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