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Social Site Connection Settings

on your account page look for "easy posting settings link", 

click on that link, on the next page you can connect to any or all of your other social sites, if you want to connect to Facebook, click on the connect link beside Facebook, 

after you click on link you will see " you have just connected to Facebook.

at this point refresh the page, on some browsers the screen will lock here, just refresh page and your page will look like this if you successfully connected to Facebook.

you can repeat this with as many other social sites as you like on the list.

continuing now to settings: you can control which information you share on your Facebook and/or other social sites by continuing to next step. 

on this page you can setup which information you post to your other social sites from your Wushack activities. 

example, you post a new photo to Wushack, if you marked facebook to share photos, when you post your photo on wushack it will automatically post to your facebook timeline, if you select all, all your wushack activities will automatically be posted to your facebook timeline, keep in mind that if you connect to for example facebook and twitter, each of your social site have different controls, you can post photos to facebook and change settings under twitter to not share photos, each of your different social sites can be set to only share information you choose,

repeat this process with each social site you connected to, each social site has their own settings and controls.

leave comments and/or questions on forum, if you get no answer right away contact me directly thru messages

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